[Unbound-users] DNS multiplexer?

João Damas joao at bondis.org
Wed Aug 11 14:24:33 UTC 2010

looked at that, but it says:

 The servers listed as forward-host: and forward-addr: have to handle further recursion for the query.  Thus, those  servers  are  not authority  servers, but are (just like unbound is) recursive servers too; 

which seemed to rule out NSD as the target for the forward.


On 11 Aug 2010, at 16:08, Jaap Akkerhuis wrote:

>> Does anyone know of any code that will let one to run Unbound and NSD on 
>   the same IP address and still use port 53 for listening on both?
>    Can you not run NSD on the same IP address but different port,
>    and then set unbound to forward queries for the zones NSD is
>    authoritative for to localhost:<port>? I.e. unbound listen on 53.
> As far as I know, one can. See "Forward Zone Options" in man (5)
> unbound.conf
> 	jaap

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