[Unbound-users] NOTIFY implementation to unbound

Jakob Schlyter jakob at rfc.se
Wed Oct 14 18:38:04 UTC 2009

On 13 okt 2009, at 22.11, Ondřej Surý wrote:

>> Ultimately though I like the NOTIFY solution best.
> And it's direct violation of RFC1996. I wouldn't call it "solution",
> but a "hack". While I consider it to be fine for Marcus (it's his
> network after all), I would be extremely unhappy to see this in
> unbound upstream.

I haven't made any statements regarding this so far, but I will now. I  
agree completely with Ondrey here and I would recommend against  
implementing cache flush using NOTIFY. there are far better, and  
protocol-wise more prudent, ways to implement this feature.

	jakob (speaking as one of the original designers of the Unbound  

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