[Unbound-users] unbound occasionally does not answer

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Fri Aug 14 06:57:08 UTC 2009

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Hi Felix,

Can you tell me the names of the queries (off-list ? ).

Perhaps they are misconfigured domains of some sort.
I believe I solved Attila's problems from June.

If you dig for them yourself, do you get an answer?
And with dig +cdflag (to see if they are 'bogus').

Best regards,

On 08/13/2009 07:28 PM, Felix Schueren wrote:
> Hello,
> and sorry for starting a new thread when the last one is from June - I
> subscribed only recently and the mail archive does not show mail ids.
> Anyway, I'm referring to the thread from Attila Nagy: "No answers from
> unbound occasionally" - we're seeing much the same symptoms (using
> 1.3.2), i.e. unbound sometimes not answering queries, and debugging is a
> pain - we're running a load-balanced setup with currently 3 unbound
> nodes, around 22k q/s, each unbound node doing ~6-8k qps. It usually
> works fast & fine, but some queries appear to get eaten - we're getting
> occasional dns resolution errors when using unbound as cache that we
> never got with our dnscache (djb) setup. I've debugged as far as seeing
> that the queries reach unbound (they get logged), but I don't know
> whether unbound answered and the packets got lost, or if unbound simply
> did not answer at all.
> Any ideas on debugging this? "Occasionally" means a couple 100 queries
> per day (out of roughly 1.1G total queries). My "exceeded" (jostle)
> counter is 0, average number of waiting requests is <10 per hosts.
> Kind regards,
> Felix

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