[Unbound-users] Feature request - detailed statistics about unbound

Beastie beastie24 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 13:18:02 UTC 2008


It would be very useful to have the ability to see additional
information insight of the unbound statistics reports.
Right now it shows only information about count of requests, but no
details about type of requests.
In general it would be grate to have separate tool/command that will
produces this kind of statistics.

My goal - integrate Unbound with cacti, without need to parse unbound.log.
It would be grate to type somthing like this, and get as output
somthing like that:

# unbound-stats
A:1233 AAAA:3 CNAME:2314 MX:122 NS:23 PTR:54 SOA:5 BAD:22
RECURSION:245543 CACHE:2352435 ALL:345325325

Please :)

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