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Alex Band alex at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Sep 8 15:11:44 UTC 2021

Hi Skanda,

The expire time refers to the amount of seconds an RTR client (i.e. your router) can keep using data if it cannot refresh it. After that time, the client should discard the data.


This value is based on recommendations in section 6 of RFC 8210:


Expire Interval:  This parameter tells the router how long it can continue to use the current version of the data while unable to perform a successful subsequent query.  The router MUST NOT retain the data past the time indicated by this parameter.  Countdown for this timer starts upon receipt of the containing End Of Data PDU.

Minimum allowed value:  600 seconds (10 minutes).      Maximum allowed value:  172800 seconds (2 days).
Recommended default:  7200 seconds (2 hours).

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> On 8 Sep 2021, at 03:09, Skanda Arasalingam via RPKI <rpki at lists.nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have question since I did not get a satisfactory answer from the DevOps team. Does the validator flushed the RPKI cache when the expiry time of the cache is expired when there is no internet connectivity (i.e. to the various RIR and TALs) ?
> expire = 7200    
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> Skanda Arasalingam
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