[RPKI] VRP Storage on Routinator

Jacquie Zhang jac.tech0 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 10:05:23 UTC 2021


I'd like to ask, after processing the ROAs, where are the VRPs stored, in
files or in the RAM?

I would say they are stored in the RAM for quick service to the routers but
my validator admin thinks they are stored in files under folder
".rpki-cache". Which one is correct?


With history size default to 10, it means that all recent 10 sets of
the VRPs are stored either all in the RAM or in 10 different files. If
they are in RAM, we should check our memory utilisation more carefully
so please confirm it is in the RAM.

              In  RTR,  a  client can request to only receive the changes that
              happened since the last version of the data it  had  seen.  This
              option  sets  how many change sets the server will at most keep.
              If a client requests changes from an older version, it will  get
              the current full set.

              Note that routers typically stay connected with their RTR server
              and therefore really only ever need one single change set. Addi-
              tionally,  if RTR server or router are restarted, they will have
              a new session with new change sets and need to exchange  a  full
              data set, too. Thus, increasing the value probably only ever in-
              creases memory consumption.

>From this explanation, I doubt why we would ever need any past set of
VRPs other than the current. Should we just set to 1, for instance, to
conserve memory? Technically, is it even possible a router would
require a past set? Did any RFC say so?

Thanks again,

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