[RPKI] Changing RPKI state

Luuk Hendriks luuk at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Feb 25 10:37:42 UTC 2021

Hey Moritz,

On Thu 25 Feb 2021, 10:51, Moritz Müller via RPKI wrote:
> If I fetch VRPs a few hours later, I get significantly different results.
> E.g. tonight, prefixes AS16509, and AS13335, did not have a VRP, but now they have.

People are creating new ROAs all the time, so new VRPs appearing in your
output is to be expected. Similarly, you will also find VRPs
disappearing. You say 'significantly different': if you have any numbers
we could compare.

Perhaps you find https://rpki.today useful here: it's a tool we made to
get insights in exactly those (dis)appearings. As you can see, in the last
24 hours, 317 new VRPs appeared under ARIN, 202 under RIPE NCC, etc.

(Note that development of rpki.today is on hold, as we are considering
merging it into JDR. Still, if you have any question about it, do let me

> I’ve noticed such changes on a few occasions now and I’m wondering if such fluctuation is expected?
> Or is there something going wrong when fetching VRPs on my side?

Assuming you don't spot obvious errors with regards to connectivity to
repository servers in your logs, my guess is you are simply seeing the
same differences as listed on rpki.today. Which, again, are perfectly
normal and a sign that adoption of RPKI is increasing.

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