[RPKI] Changing RPKI state

Moritz Müller moritz.muller at sidn.nl
Thu Feb 25 09:51:20 UTC 2021


I’m starting to getting more familiar with RPKI, but I’m making an observation for which I haven’t found an explanation yet.
Every morning at 2 AM UTC, I’m exporting the current VRPs with " routinator vrps -f csv --complete”.
Then, I’m checking with the exported list if certain prefixes are “protected”.

If I fetch VRPs a few hours later, I get significantly different results.
E.g. tonight, prefixes AS16509, and AS13335, did not have a VRP, but now they have.

I’ve noticed such changes on a few occasions now and I’m wondering if such fluctuation is expected?
Or is there something going wrong when fetching VRPs on my side?

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