[RPKI] routinator: TLS alert AlertMessagePayload description: DecodeError

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Apr 3 12:28:46 UTC 2020


Fran via RPKI wrote:
> routinator[12813]: TLS alert received: Message { routinator[12813]:
>   typ: Alert, routinator[12813]:     version: TLSv1_2,
> routinator[12813]:     payload: Alert( routinator[12813]:
> AlertMessagePayload { routinator[12813]:             level: Fatal,
> routinator[12813]:             description: DecodeError
> routinator[12813]:         }
> routinator[12813]:     )
> routinator[12813]: }
> routinator[12813]: RRDP https://rrdp.apnic.net/notification.xml:
> Delta update succeeded. [...]

We’ve had a few reports of these. I think they are mostly harmless;
something going on on the TLS layer when fetching RRDP data from

Unfortunately, I don’t get these here (or maybe not anymore) and
because of the concurrent processing going on, it is a bit difficult to
say which repository these come from. If you still have them and are
curious, maybe you can run Routinator with --validation-threads 1 and
-vv and post the log excerpt around it?

Kind regards,

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