[RPKI] routinator: TLS alert AlertMessagePayload description: DecodeError

Fran fatal at mailbox.org
Fri Apr 3 08:10:28 UTC 2020


I'm running routinator 0.6.4 on Debian Buster. Since ~ two days I get these log messages about every hour ("refresh = 3600"):

routinator[12813]: rsyncing from rsync://repository.lacnic.net/rpki/.
routinator[12813]: rsync://repository.lacnic.net/rpki: Running command "rsync" "--contimeout=10" "--timeout=600" "-rltz" "--delete" "rsync://repository.lacnic.net/rpki/"
routinator[12813]: TLS alert received: Message {
routinator[12813]:     typ: Alert,
routinator[12813]:     version: TLSv1_2,
routinator[12813]:     payload: Alert(
routinator[12813]:         AlertMessagePayload {
routinator[12813]:             level: Fatal,
routinator[12813]:             description: DecodeError
routinator[12813]:         }
routinator[12813]:     )
routinator[12813]: }
routinator[12813]: RRDP https://rrdp.apnic.net/notification.xml: Delta update succeeded.

Rsync exit code in Prometheus was always 0 in the last two days.

Any ideas what to do?

Thanks, take care and have a nice weekend!


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