[RPKI] recent increase in invalid routes: Starhub

Jay Borkenhagen rpki at braeburn.org
Thu Dec 13 02:56:43 UTC 2018


Earlier Wednesday, Markus Weber from KPN and I compared notes on
another mailing list regarding a recent step increase in invalid
routes seen by our networks.  Job Snijders thought it would be good to
mention it to this list, too, so here it is:

Between two snapshots taken 24 hours apart, I noticed an increase of
more than 1100 invalid prefixes (ipv4+ipv6) as received in
as7018.  On 11-Dec I had counted about 5300, and on 12-Dec it was
up to almost 6500. 

A time-series plot shows increases occurring just after 1200 UTC on
11-Dec, and again after 0900 UTC on 12-Dec.  (Of course this timing
depends on the schedule I have my RPs running and other factors.)

I noticed that many of the new invalids were ipv4 /23s and /24s
originated by as55430 (Starhub in Singapore) under a VRP of;as55430, and ipv6 /48s also originated by as55430
under a VRP of 2406:3003::/32-38;as55430.

Markus had a more complete data set, and he saw the following
increases in invalids originating in the following Starhub ASNs: 

     15 srcAS=28118
     30 srcAS=9874
    283 srcAS=55430
    429 srcAS=4657

Does anyone here know folks at Starhub who can be educated, or see
anything else in the data worth discussing here?


						Jay B.

PS: My apologies if this message comes through twice.

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