[RPKI] ROA export seems to fetch only RIPE data

Teun Vink teun at bit.nl
Tue Dec 4 20:45:50 UTC 2018

> On 4 Dec 2018, at 21:39, Kurt Wauters <kuwauters at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Job, 
> I've upgrade routinator but i still can't find anything back from AS9381. I'm expecting to see for example but it's simply missing, there is actually nothing from then ASN or the networks behind. 
> I'm just discovering the world of ROA's so it's probably a mismatch in expectations then.

I don't see any ROA for that prefix on my validator, neither does BGPmon:

$ whois -h whois.bgpmon.net | grep ^RPKI
RPKI status:         No ROA found

I don't think any prefix within AS9381 has a ROA, and HE seems to agree: https://bgp.he.net/AS9381#_prefixes (no red/green key icons there).

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