[nsd-users] NSD zone file GENERATE directive

Jeroen Koekkoek jeroen at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Mar 21 12:30:23 UTC 2023

Haven't looked into the details of the GENERATE directive, but since
we're working on a new zone parser (simdzone), I can look into whether
we can support it at some point in the future.

On Mon, 2023-03-20 at 16:31 -0700, Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TFX/VE6BBM) via
nsd-users wrote:
> Robert Blayzor via nsd-users writes:
> > > NSD doesn't understand the GENERATE directive. You'll have to
> > > create 
> > > your zone files using a script or template engine.
> > Understood but certainly not helpful with large dynamic IPv6
> > PTR's...
> > Not that dynamic hosts NEED PTR's, but would still be nice to have.
> lex(1) is your friend.  For managing our reverse ip6 zones, we use a
> simple file format (basically address, name, flags) to store the
> raw address-to-hostname mapping, and then inhale that via a couple
> of different template files that are processed by a simple lex(1)
> program.  Works a treat, and the whole process from edit to zone-
> reload
> is driven by a simple makefile.
> --lyndon
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