[nsd-users] how does zonefile-write work?

Alexander Varejão frater.alexander at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 14:51:22 UTC 2022

> Hi Alexander,
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> > Ok, here's my doubt. The file /var/lib/nsd/db/00/foo.bar/foo.bar would be
> > automatically created after 3600 seconds or I could be run "nsd-control
> > write foo.bar" to create it.
> The file 00/foo.bar/foo.bar will be created within at most 3600 seconds.
> However, you need to ensure that the directory hierarchy 00/foo.bar
> exists. NSD will not create directories.
> If you want to force NSD to write the zone file before 3600 seconds have
> elapsed, you can do that with "nsd-control write <zone>".
> Also note that NSD only writes a new zone file when the zone is updated.
> If a zone doesn't have any updates, NSD does not write out a new file.
> Regards,
> Anand


Thanks for the answer

Great, I really had no idea that it could be the problem
Now I can proceed with my tests :)

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