[nsd-users] (no subject)

Kaulkwappe kaulkwappe at prvy.eu
Sun Jun 6 15:22:55 UTC 2021

> But I liked the lightness of NSD and wanted to know if it would be OK to use it for a long run. The  list is very sparse I think. Nobody seems to be responding.
A few years ago I was at the same point like you. It was only NSD which was lightweight, robust and clear enough to make it possible to setup a DNS server without many problems. Once I had questions, people in this mailing list answered in a timeley manner and they knew what they were speaking about.

> 1. PowerDNS - Has got a very good reputation and a very good manual.
I have to strongly advise against PowerDNS. In my opinion it is not robust and serious enough for long-term use. I had many problems with it.

> 2. Knot - Very good security features  and manual.
I cannot say anything about Knot, but another alternative is YADIFA (developed by EURid). I tried it out a few years ago, but then I have chosen NSD. YADIFA's mailing list was quite unresponsive at that time. But maybe the situation is better today. It doesn't look bad at all.


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