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Mukul Shukla mukulmanet at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 09:50:25 UTC 2021

Dear All,

I am working as a Professor in a University in India. For our University, I
want to setup an Authoritative Name Server. Currently we are running
djbdns, since long.
Although djbdns is a wonderful DNS server, the maintenance of it has become
very troublesome. It also lacks many new security features. The BIND9, I am
not convinced, if it will be useful in our case. Its a huge software, and
we dont need all the features of it.

I wan thinking of running my Authoritative Name Servers, Primary and
Secondary on NSD, as we are already using Unbound for recursive name

I would like to get the comments from the users as to whether my decision
is correct or not? I have found that very few tutorial/manuals/articles are
available for the NSD setup . Being new to NSD, I feel hesitant in
replacing by running DNS server with NSD. Would like to have some
suggestions and comment. Kindly suggest any other alternatives, if that is
useful in my case.

Thank you.

Mukul Shukla
Prof. (IT)
SGSITS, Indore,

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