[nsd-users] specify server-local timezone in zone data file head?

PGNet Dev pgnet.dev at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 08:10:42 UTC 2021

my logs are timestamped with my servers's local time (EDT), as intended.

on a zone 'write'

	2021-06-05T22:32:59.098101-04:00 dev nsd[58964]: writing zone example.com to file example.com.zone
	2021-06-05T22:32:59.098709-04:00 dev nsd[58964]: [2021-06-05 22:32:59.098] nsd[58964]: info: writing zone example.com to file

the resulting zone data is timestamped with GMT,

	head -n1 /var/lib/nsd/zonesdir/example.com.zone
		; zone example.com written by NSD 4.3.6 on Sun Jun  6 02:32:59 2021

i'd like that zone data timestamp to be ALSO written in servers's local time (EDT), matching the logs.

how/where is that zone data timestamp/zone configured?

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