[nsd-users] outgoing-interface in dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 systems

Peter Hessler phessler at theapt.org
Thu Apr 7 11:01:03 UTC 2016

I use two entries, one per address family. Works great.

zone foo:
  outgoing-interface: 2001:db8::53

On 2016 Apr 07 (Thu) at 12:55:16 +0200 (+0200), Hendrik Jaeger wrote:
:AFAICT from the docs the zone option 'outgoing-interface' only allows
:for exactly one ip-address.
:How is that option supposed to be set on systems that use both IPv4 and
:The only variant that seems to make sense is setting it to an IPv4
:address. Unless all other nameservers actually support IPv6, then an
:IPv6 address should work as well.
:Is there any way to tell NSD an IPv4 _and_ an IPv6 address and have NSD
:use whatever is appropriate depending on the IP address configured for
:a slave/master?
:If not, whoever can: please consider fixing that.
:Thank you and best regards
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