[nsd-users] CNAME flattening

Hendrik Jaeger nsd at henk.geekmail.org
Thu Apr 7 10:59:39 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit surprised that nobody replied at all to this post.
AFAIU there is a real need for a few real-world use cases.
Does really not one person have any further information or opinion on
the topic?
Pretty please respond what you think about this subject, I really care
to know!

Thank you and best regards


PS: This is just a one-time resurrect, I will not be doing that again
if there are no replies this time, either.

On Tue, 15 Mar 2016 17:58:00 +0100
Hendrik Jaeger <nsd at henk.geekmail.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was pointed to a blog post about CNAME Flattening[0] which, AFAIU,
> technically boils down to this excerpt from the post:
> »What we needed was a way to support a CNAME at the root, but still
> follow the RFC and return an IP address for any query for the root
> record. To accomplish this, we extended our authoritative DNS
> infrastructure to, in certain cases, act as a kind of DNS resolver.
> What happens is that, if there's a CNAME at the root, rather than
> returning that record directly we recurse through the CNAME chain
> ourselves until we find an A Record. At that point, we return the IP
> address associated with the A Record. This, effectively, "flattens"
> the CNAME chain.«
> This seems like a very handy feature and I could have used it a couple
> of years back as well, hence my questions:
> Is there any plan to introduce this to NSD?
> Has it been discussed already? If so, please point me there.
> Could it be considered as a future feature please?
> Thank you and best regards
> henk
> [0]:
> https://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-cname-flattening-rfc-compliant-cnames-at-a-domains-root/

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