[nsd-users] NSD3 interface-automatic?

Arjen Zonneveld arjen.zonneveld at sidn.nl
Sat Jan 17 11:03:08 UTC 2015

Hi Alexander,

> On 16 Jan 2015, at 23:18, Kunz, Alexander <akunz at wishmedia.de> wrote:
> Hello NSD users,
> i have seen, that unbound can handle virtual ip addresses, my nsd3 doesn't in my setup. If i set my nsd3 listen to it only bound to the loacal address but not to the virtual ones. Unbound call this option:
> interface-automatic: yes
> >> That acts like '' (and ::0) but uses (weird) socket options.
> >> This makes it pick up new interfaces when they are created (without need
> >> for config edits and restart) or deleted.
> Is there such a function or workaround for nsd? How do you handle virtual ip address managed by lvs / keepalived?
From the manual: 
ip-transparent: <yes or no>
              Allows NSD to bind to non local addresses.  This  is  useful  to
              have  NSD listen to IP addresses that are not (yet) added to the
              network interface, so that it can answer  immediately  when  the
              address is added. Default is no.
This does however require you to know all the IP addresses beforehand, they just
don’t need be active on an interface. Not sure if this works for you, but this works
for me in my keepalived setup.

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