[nsd-users] NSD3 interface-automatic?

Kunz, Alexander akunz at wishmedia.de
Fri Jan 16 22:18:56 UTC 2015

Hello NSD users,

i have seen, that unbound can handle virtual ip addresses, my nsd3 doesn't
in my setup. If i set my nsd3 listen to it only bound to the loacal
address but not to the virtual ones. Unbound call this option:

interface-automatic: yes

>> That acts like '' (and ::0) but uses (weird) socket options.
>> This makes it pick up new interfaces when they are created (without need
>> for config edits and restart) or deleted.

Is there such a function or workaround for nsd? How do you handle
virtual ip address managed by lvs / keepalived?

Thanks for any hints.

Alexander Kunz
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