[nsd-users] response ip address and max-ips

Peter Hudec peter.hudec at cnc.sk
Fri Aug 22 13:34:21 UTC 2014


I need to solve following problem.

To assign more than 8 listen address. There are 2 solutions, but only
one working at this moment.

recompile the NSD with directive --with-max-ips=X, where X is enough big
for my purposes. For testing is this good, but in production we have
several distribution providing the DNS service and do the recompiling
and packaging for all of them is time consuming.

listen to all interfaces. This does not work, while in this case NSD
choose as response source address the primary address of the outgoing
interface. This is  for both IPv4 and IPv6. As this is default behavior
of the OS I found it a bug.

I did tests for BIND9, Knot DNS and YADIFA. Only the BIND9 is able to
deal with the "bind all" interfaces and response source address.

So I propose to change default max-ips from 8 to 16. The 8 was enough
for IPv4 only but if you have also IPv6 you will reach the limit sooner.

On the other hand I do not understand why there is a fixed list length
and not linked list for all structures. In that case it would be easy to
fix the source address in "bind all" mode iterating the list of the IP
and bind all of them.

	best regards
		Peter Hudec

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