[nsd-users] Unbound and NSD on same box?

Michael Grimm trashcan at odo.in-berlin.de
Wed Aug 6 12:08:48 UTC 2014

Hi --

On 2014-08-06 3:12, nsd at fongaboo.com wrote:

> Is it not possible to run both a caching lookup server using Unbound
> (in FreeBSD 10) and an authoritative server using NSD (installed from
> ports) on the same box?

I run both unbound and nsd in the very same jail.

Nsd as authoritative nameserver listens at public-IPv4:53 natted to that
jail's internal IPv4 *and* public-IPv6 directly bound to that specific

Unbound listens to some other local-IPv4:53 bound to that jail.

resolv.conf will guide all local sevices running at host or in all other
available jails to that local-IP:53 of the listening unbound server.


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