[nsd-users] Feature request: nsd-control

Johan Ihrén johani at johani.org
Sun Apr 6 21:42:41 UTC 2014


On 05 Apr 2014, at 00:36 , Mauro Trajber <mauro at registro.br> wrote:

> I work at NIC.br and I'm implementing NSD support on DNSSHIM (our secure hidden master). In order to add and remove zones dynamically we use tools like rndc and nsd-control, that fits perfect. We already have bind support and NSD support is almost done.
> But on a Master-Slave architecture using NSD as slaves and nsd-control to add and remove zones it's impossible to find out when a zone already exists. The remote controller (nsd-control) only returns success or failure. It would be nice if it returns something like "zone already exists" messages, that would make it easier to know if the master can retry later or not.

I agree with the need for this.

I remember that Stephane and I and some others discussed similar things a couple of weeks ago and one of the issues that came up was the "non-atomicity" of adding (and removing) zones from masters and slaves. I haven't looked at your patch, but based on the prior discussion I wonder whether what we would really need is 

a) a "test" operation, to check whether a zone is configured or not, i.e.

nsd-control testzone foo.example

with some reasonable semantics for return values.

b) a "test-and-set" operation. This we sort of already have, in the sense that "addzone" will not add a zone if it is already there (but as you point out, on error we don't know what really happened). So to make it a more useful test-and-set the return values should be sorted out, which is what your patch is about.

I'd like (a) to be able to "scan" my slaves to verify that there are no inconsistencies in the configured zones, and if there are, then I want to use (b) to fix them.



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