[nsd-users] Feature request: nsd-control

Mauro Trajber mauro at registro.br
Fri Apr 4 22:36:38 UTC 2014


I work at NIC.br and I'm implementing NSD support on DNSSHIM (our secure 
hidden master). In order to add and remove zones dynamically we use 
tools like rndc and nsd-control, that fits perfect. We already have bind 
support and NSD support is almost done.

But on a Master-Slave architecture using NSD as slaves and nsd-control 
to add and remove zones it's impossible to find out when a zone already 
exists. The remote controller (nsd-control) only returns success or 
failure. It would be nice if it returns something like "zone already 
exists" messages, that would make it easier to know if the master can 
retry later or not.

After a quick look at the source code I realize that the rbtree_insert 
function does not let the caller knows the nature of the error. Maybe it 
should receive a flag to return if the node already exists on the tree 
"rbtree_insert (rbtree_t *rbtree, rbnode_t *data, int* duplicate)". What 
do you think ? Is it the best approach ?

I did this modification and it seems to work fine. (The patch is attached)

Best regards,
Mauro Romano Trajber

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