[nsd-users] backend database

Nicolas de Bari Embriz Garcia Rojas nbari at inbox.im
Mon Feb 25 11:45:14 UTC 2013

Hello I have install and setup NSD, so far got it up and running but
currently I have only few testing zones.

I found on the net  that as of March, 2008, three of the Internet root
nameservers are using NSD.

my question is, how the zones are manage or handle when you have more
than 100 domains or in cases like the 'root nameservers'

Is there a backed database or any tools that could help managing all the
records/domains per zones?

The point of my question is that I would like to use NSD as a DNS server
for my zones and have the ability to change some IN A records trough a
custom API to make my own dynamic DNS.

any ideas ?


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