[nsd-users] Using zonec to avoid O(N^2) complexity

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Fri May 11 08:41:39 UTC 2012

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Hi Casper,

> I've had the same experience. I've been told that this will be improved
> in NSD4.

OK, I'm on NSD 3.2.10 by the way.  Didn't mention it because the
suggestion was not related to any function (before 4, apparently).

> Not only was a lot of time wasted reloading NSD, it also caused all
> kinds of problems such hangs, crashes and missed updates.

And here I was thinking it was due to my multi-master mode use that
I experienced "nsdc stop" failures and "nsdc restart" blockages...

> In the end I wrote a wrapper script to handle nameserver restarts (both
> NSD and Unbound). If a zones is reloaded any further commands will be
> queued until the rebuild is done. Than another 'rebuild' is issued to
> import any changes that were made inbetween.

Surprising... I've seen references to locking in the nsdc scripts,
are these not included in NSD2?

> I've attached the script.  The comments are in Dutch but I know you can
> read that.

Thanks for sharing.  Sure, the rest of World is long overdue learning
our beautiful language anyway ;-)

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