[nsd-users] xfrd process not starting

John Peacock john.peacock at messagesystems.com
Tue Jan 24 16:46:24 UTC 2012

I have an instance of nsd running with 50k domains (each with only 6 
records) and I get a less continuous output to the log file of:

[1324495953] nsd[14256]: error: malloc failed: Cannot allocate memory
[1324495954] nsd[22167]: warning: xfrd process 14256 failed with status 
256, restarting

This is even though there is ~3G free RAM on that box.

This nsd instance is never going to either receive an xfr request nor 
send notify to another instance.  It is strictly the single 
authoritative server for these domains (they are for e-mail testing, if 
it matters).  Is there any way to disable the xfrd functionality 
completely?  Or do I have to go through and patch the source code to not 
spawn that child process?



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