[nsd-users] NSD does not automatically start on FreeBSD reboot

Paul Hoffman phoffman at proper.com
Wed Mar 17 19:52:59 UTC 2010

At 11:36 AM -0600 3/17/10, Lew Payne wrote:
>Hello Paul - I'm a dedicated FreeBSD user, and I've been running NSD
>for several years now, on several machines.  I have yet to have an NSD
>problem during reboot.  I suggest you:
>tail  -80  /var/log/messages  /var/log/security

Nothing visible in /var/log/messages

My configuration has:
        logfile: "/var/log/nsd.log"
...but there is nothing interesting in there other than when I started it up by hand.

>... and see if there's any diagnostic output.  You may also want to do
>a "dmesg" and see if there's anything out of the ordinary (such as a
>pid exiting prematurely).

This is what worries me: there is *nothing* in there, either positive or negative. That's why I don't think that it is even being tried.

>  The only other obvious reason would be due
>to a spelling error in /etc/rc.conf before or on the NSD line (which
>means that something before it didn't start also).

As far as I can tell from dmesg, everything else starts fine, other than Apache. Its failure doesn't appear in /var/log/messages, or in the apache error log.

>  Observing the
>system reboot on the console terminal might yield some clues.

Unfortunately, the system is quite remote. I would assume that everything I need is in dmesg. I will try a reboot later with a remote hands person watching the console.

At 1:44 PM -0400 3/17/10, Paul Wouters wrote:
>Not sure about the freebsd initscripts, but on Fedora/RHEL we make sure
>that we do an nsdc rebuild if we find any of the zone files is newer
>then the nsd.db, otherwise nsd will not start properly. Perhaps this is
>what you are seeing now too? Specifically, if you removed a zone and it
>is still in the nsd.db.

That *could* be the case, but why would "sudo nsdc start" work when the automatic restart didn't?

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