[nsd-users] how to config one nsd zone as both master & slave using two interfaces -- one IPv4 & one IPv6?

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Sat Dec 4 17:36:47 UTC 2010


On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 10:55 -0500, "Dave Knight" <dave at knig.ht> wrote:
> So you have NSD running a server, let's call that nsd.example.net

1st, thanks for (a) reading/understanding my question, (b) recasting it
in more appropriate, and clearer, lingo, and (c) then undertaking to
answer/solve the problem!

much appreciated!

> > But, iiuc, "outgoing-interface:" can't handle two different addresses,
> > and a single zone can't have two outgoing-interface specs.
> You probably don't need to use the outgoing-interface directive at all. 

i didn't realize that that was an option ... that said, all's much

and, this,


> nsd:
>     server:
>         ip-address:
>         ip-address: 2001:DB8::2
>     zone:
>         name: test.example.org
>         zonefile: test.example.org
>         # pull the zone from nsa
>         allow-notify: NOKEY
>         request-xfr: NOKEY
>         # allow nsb to pull the zone
>         notify: 2001:DB8::3 NOKEY
>         provide-xfr: 2001:DB8::3 NOKEY


is exactly what's called for.

of course, now i wonder what purpose "outgoing-interface" serves at all
... unless it defines a/the default interface that can be overridden for
each zone & notify-direction. ? :-/

thanks again!

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