[nsd-users] syntax problems

Bobby Wilson bobbywilson0 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 17:23:54 UTC 2009

Hey all,

I am new to nsd, someone recommended it to me. It seems simple enough,
but, I keep getting syntax errors. I have scoured the web and the
mailing list and can't figure out what I am doing wrong or what the
proper .zone file syntax is. I have found a couple of articles on nsd
but they seem to be either out of date or leading me down the wrong
path. With examples like this:

; Syntax for nsd.zones<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;zone <domain>
<zone-filename> <masters-notify IP Address(es)>
; Primary server for mx
zone mx                 primary/mx              notify
; Secondary server for ar
zone ar                 secondary/ar            masters
; Sample name server for your domain
zone yourdomain.com     yourdomain.com

That seem to produce a syntax error on all lines that aren't comments.
All I am looking for is a simple explanation or template as to how to
create these files. I am runnning freebsd 7.2 and NSD version 3.2.3.
The only non-syntax-error producing configuration I have got to work
is this:

zone a

Then it says I don't have an soa record present. So not sure where to
go from here.

thanks for the help,

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