[nsd-users] Records below delegation point

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Mon Mar 9 17:19:07 UTC 2009

I have a question for the NSD developers. I have a zone defined as follows:

$ORIGIN zone.tld.
@	IN	SOA ns1 rname 20090309 1d 1h 4w 1h
	IN	NS ns1
	IN	NS ns2
child	IN	NS foo.example.
	IN	NS bar.example.
sub.child	IN	NS some.more
		IN	NS yet.more

If I query an NSD 3.x server for NS records for sub.child.zone.tld, I
get back an authoritative answer with "some.more." and "yet.more.".

Just for comparison, tinydns does the same thing.

However, BIND 9 responds with "foo.example." and "bar.example.".

My understanding is that an authoritative name server should not know
about records below a delegation point, so BIND's behaviour seems okay.
Why does NSD respond with answers for records below the delegation point?

Is there a standard which defines what an authoritative server should do
 with a zone like this?

At the moment, BIND and NSD exhibit opposite behaviour, which could lead
to interesting situations where a particular zone has such a delegation,
and a mix of BIND and NSD among its name server set.

Anand Buddhdev
DNS Services Manager, RIPE NCC

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