[nsd-users] bug with permissions of nsd.db / ixfr.db / ixfr.state ?

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Jul 30 19:51:29 UTC 2009


I'm running into an issue where the files nsd.db / ixfr.db / ixfr.state
are ending up being owned as root instead of nsd, which causes problems
later on when it is trying to update these files. I see this for instance
when running a nsdc rebuild (as root)

This happens without a "username" option, but also if I specify a
"username: nsd" option in the nsd config file.

Is there a reason why this is happening, or is this a bug?

I guess I can work around this by using the nsd uid to run update and
patch, but these run as root when using the initscripts, eg when using
"service nsd rebuild" and "service nsd patch", though I think that would
require the nsd account to have a valid login shell to use su, and
using sudo inherits some weird settings resulting (on RHEL) to get a
"mv: overwrite `/var/lib/nsdhm/nsd.db', overriding mode 0644?" message


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