[nsd-users] Installation hiccup with 3.2.2

Koh-ichi Ito kohi at iri.co.jp
Fri Jul 24 04:55:24 UTC 2009

Hello, Is this case already be closed?

At Mon, 29 Jun 2009 12:05:09 +0100,
Miklos Honti wrote:
> >> mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/local/nsd/3.2.2/var/db/nsd/': File  
> >> exists
> >
> > I believe it is the same problem as reported here for Gentoo, OpenBSD,
> > etc. The attached patch should solve it.
> I think the root of the problem is an additional '/' in configure.ac.

I experience similar problem as this today, but mine is
caused by $configdir rather $piddir. The platform is NetBSD

According to my drill down, mkdir /sandbox/nsd/etc/
(configdir in this case) seems to be invoked twice by
install-sh in line #184 and #195.

As Sammer mentioned on Jun 16, run make install twice is
workaround for me, too, so it is not so serious problem.


					Koh-ichi Ito

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