[nsd-users] nsd as bind slave (xfer problem)

Aaron Hopkins lists at die.net
Mon Feb 16 23:41:53 UTC 2009

On Mon, 16 Feb 2009, Thomas Krause wrote:
> Now I want to add additional slave zones to the server. But this works
> only with stopping and starting the nsd process. None of the other
> nsdc commands starts the zone transfer from the master.
> What is wrong?

As far as I know, nsd can't add or remove zones while running.  This was a
feature requested years ago, but I haven't seen any announcements of
progress on it.

This continues to be the main reason I haven't adopted nsd for production
use; I wasn't able to figure out a sane way to add or remove zones without
dropping queries.  My nameservers handle thousands of domains, and something
gets added or removed regularly.  I don't want authoritative nameserver
downtime every time I do a push.  Am I missing something?

                                     -- Aaron

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