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Hi Al,

Thanks for the contribution. I have added a reference to your project to
the contrib/README file. Because of dependencies, I felt it was hard to
include the scripts themselves as self-contained in the contrib/
section. But correct me if I'm wrong, I would gladly include the scripts
in the contrib/ dir.

Best regards,

Al Stone wrote:
> Greetings.
> I feel odd doing this as a very first posting on this mailing list,
> but I thought folks might find it useful.
> In order to increase the usage of NSD3, and help put a little more
> reliability and redundancy into DNS in general, I've written some
> Python code to allow me to translate BIND config files into NSD3
> config files, and then sync up my BIND and NSD3 servers.
> Why not use the Perl modules that do very similar things, you might
> ask?  Well, I personally found them a bit more complex than I would
> have liked.  The key factor for me was that my 'native tongue', as
> it were, is Python, not Perl.  One can argue religion -- er, I mean
> programming language preferences -- ad infinitum; for me, it was
> just (a) what I was familiar with, (b) what would be easier for me
> to maintain, and (c) I couldn't find Python modules to handle the
> problem the way I wanted.
> So, I wrote the bind2nsd translation and sync scripts and put them
> out on SourceForge.  You can find the source and what documentation
> there is at:
> Part of the reason I've subscribed to this list is to be able to
> discuss the semantics behind the NSD3 config syntax; by offering
> these scripts, I hope to give back a little before I even start
> asking too many questions.
> Feedback, commentary, and especially patches and improvements,
> are always welcome.  I hope these help folks out a bit...
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