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I feel odd doing this as a very first posting on this mailing list,
but I thought folks might find it useful.

In order to increase the usage of NSD3, and help put a little more
reliability and redundancy into DNS in general, I've written some
Python code to allow me to translate BIND config files into NSD3
config files, and then sync up my BIND and NSD3 servers.

Why not use the Perl modules that do very similar things, you might
ask?  Well, I personally found them a bit more complex than I would
have liked.  The key factor for me was that my 'native tongue', as
it were, is Python, not Perl.  One can argue religion -- er, I mean
programming language preferences -- ad infinitum; for me, it was
just (a) what I was familiar with, (b) what would be easier for me
to maintain, and (c) I couldn't find Python modules to handle the
problem the way I wanted.

So, I wrote the bind2nsd translation and sync scripts and put them
out on SourceForge.  You can find the source and what documentation
there is at:

Part of the reason I've subscribed to this list is to be able to
discuss the semantics behind the NSD3 config syntax; by offering
these scripts, I hope to give back a little before I even start
asking too many questions.

Feedback, commentary, and especially patches and improvements,
are always welcome.  I hope these help folks out a bit...

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