no response from nsd 2.3.4 with more than 12 server processes

dr. W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at
Fri Jun 2 14:10:45 UTC 2006


Bug has been found with Miek heroically running -N 300 on his machine.
Array out of bounds. Fix is to change i to 0 in line 608:

 #ifdef INET6
               if (hints[i].ai_family == AF_UNSPEC) {
 # ifdef IPV6_V6ONLY
 #ifdef INET6
               if (hints[0].ai_family == AF_UNSPEC) {
 # ifdef IPV6_V6ONLY

in nsd.c. This fix is in subversion for 2.3.6 and for 3.0pre.

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