which is the vaild a format?

Wouter Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Mon Dec 11 08:26:27 UTC 2006

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I think you are getting the errors because you put a CNAME at the zone
apex (example.com). And no other data is allowed next to a CNAME, and
there is also a SOA record at the apex. This is why bind complains I
think. But where is your SOA record, I think that is confusing NSD from
giving a similar (CNAME not allowed with other data) error.

Roy Arends wrote:
> On Dec 10, 2006, at 10:38 PM, Farkas Levente wrote:
>> hi,
>> after i test nsd i find the following. if i use this in a zone file:
>> $ORIGIN example.com.
>>                CNAME           www
>> www            CNAME           x
>> x              A     
>> then it's excepted by nsd what's more give the proper result. if the
>> slave is nsd than there is no problem, while if the slave is bind i've
>> got the following error:
>> ----------------------------
>> transfer of 'example.com/IN' from resetting
>> transfer of 'example.com/IN' from failed while
>> receiving responses: CNAME and other data
>> transfer of 'example.com/IN' from end of transfer
>> ----------------------------
>> and of course bind don't accept the above even if he's the master.
>> so my question who is right, but most important is there any other way
>> than define an A record for the domain itself?
> I'd turn the pointers around, so you'd have
> $ORIGIN example.com.
>                 A    
> www            CNAME          example.com.
> x              CNAME          example.com.

Yes good idea.


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