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Wouter Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Dec 7 15:54:36 UTC 2006

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Farkas Levente wrote:
> Wouter Wijngaards wrote:
>> Farkas Levente wrote:
>>>> It will read the zone transfer from disk next time. So it will force one
>>>> zone transfer, then store it on disk. Initially it is stored in ixfr.db.
>>>> But ixfr.db grows only. To compact your disk space you run nsdc patch.
>>>> This writes the information into the zone files, and rebuilds the
>>>> database with that information, cleaning out ixfr.db in the process.
>>>> Does this answer your questions?
>>> yes thanks, besides that all generated files are owned by root and put
>>> into the current working dir even if nsd.conf assume relative to the
>>> conf file ie. next time nsd have to retransfer all files, what's more
>>> nsd assume it already do the patch (nsdc: no patch necessary.) ie. no
>>> data in ixfr.db even if wrote into wrong dir:-(
>> Sounds like you need the zonesdir: "/path/to/zonefile/directory" feature
>> in the config file, is sets the working directory, so it can find files
>> for which you specified relative paths.
> is not the commented values are the default ones? ie if
> # zonesdir: /etc/nsd
> than files are relative to it?
> but if i run nsdc patch in /root than nsdc put the files into /root.

Ah. You have a point there. That is not a default at all, only a
suggested value. Hmm this should be fixed so it is obvious that is not
the default value.

Thanks for the report,
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