missing query-source/transfer-source in nsd

Miek Gieben miekg at atoom.net
Mon Oct 17 13:05:49 UTC 2005

[On 13 Oct, @05:52, Paul Wouters wrote in "missing  query-source/transfer ..."]
> Hi,
> We are in the process of switching our master nameserver from bind to nsd.
> Therefor we are running both bind and nsd on the same machine, each on their
> own IP address. We need bind because the old IP is used for recursing.
> In named.conf, I have:
>          query-source address port 53;
>          transfer-source;
> My nsd init script adds "-a" to the nsd daemon startup
> options.
> The problem I am seeing now is that nsd is not using for
> sending notifies to its secondaries. Instead, it takes the default ('first')
> IP address, which happens to be
> Are there any plans to add such a feature to nsd? Especially people who want
> to migrate from bind to nsd are likely to run both of them on the same server
> for a while (or even permanently if they need bind to recurse).
> As a workaround, I've added both IP's as masters in the secondaries' named.conf.

my guess is that this is a bug, a long time ago there was something
simular with regard to sending queries from a different ip address.
The same fix should apply here (I hope :))

  - Miek

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