Statistics dumps.

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> Subject: Re: Statistics dumps. Date: Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 04:38:07PM
> +0200 Quoting Erik Rozendaal (erik at
>> NSD also dumps statistics when the process exits. So the shorter dump 
>> interval can be explained by database reloads (which causes NSD to 
>> restart itself).
> Ok, this explains things. 

An additional question: As I understand the log format, the second time_t
value on a ?STATS line is the start of the global period, while the first
is dumptime, and all querycounts are since the second time_t. This means
that one can derive the average query count since initiation per second by
doing something like 

(time_field_1 - time_field_2)

...but if I want to get the qps in 5 minute intervals (and take a stats
dump every 300 secs to achieve that resolution.) I can do post-processing
by saving the last dump time and doing some awk math on that (which would
catch the not-at-300-sec-intervals dumps) but I still get strange value
dips (again refering to the graph URL in my last mail) as soon as I've
gotten an extra reload. It might be my math, of course, but your opinions
on the best sampling method to get qps in 5 minute or better resolution
from NSD stats dumps would be most appreciated. 

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