Statistics dumps.

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Subject: Re: Statistics dumps. Date: Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 04:38:07PM +0200 Quoting Erik Rozendaal (erik at
> NSD also dumps statistics when the process exits. So the shorter dump 
> interval can be explained by database reloads (which causes NSD to 
> restart itself).

Ok, this explains things. 
> The two big peaks in the green line are surprising. I'm not sure what 
> could cause this. It looks like at some point the periodic SIGALRM that 
> is used to dump statistics is lost, and dumping is not resumed until an 
> NSD reload happens...

Is it the mother process who sends those to the child?  I saw them
only after a restart where I had truncated the log file.
> Only the child process dumps statistics, since the parent process isn't 
> answering any queries. If you run with multiple child servers (using the 
> -N option) there is currently no way to distinguish the servers. Using 
> syslog instead of a log file in this case.

There is no such multiple statement. 

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