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Måns Nilsson mansaxel at sunet.se
Thu Feb 17 09:19:55 UTC 2005

--On tisdag 15 februari 2005 22.14 +0100 Stephane Bortzmeyer
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> Pawel Krzesniak, from NASK (".pl" registry), just announced on a CENTR
> mailing list that ".pl" now uses IXFR to speed up the transfer of new
> data to the secondaries. And he is very happy about the results.

There is talk in the strategy group for .SE to do the same, and here, while
my NSD machines are at the forefront in terms of availability, DNSSEC
features and speed, they lack in functionality for IXFR. Given the 6 months
horizon on DNSSEC deployment ;-), we're looking at larger zones. 

And, because Some Registries bend over backwards to accomodate
domain-name-holder fsckups and push dynupdates every 5 minutes (I wonder
when customers will press marketroids into defeating caching...), the
marketing frontends see some increasing pressure to do this. For SE, an
AXFR per hour or so is not a problem given our network infrastructure, but
it would be pushing it to go much further. 

See this as a weak prayer for IXFR. I will try to get some attention to the
problem, but don't hold your breath... 
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