Just to let you know

Sebastian Castro Avila secastro at nic.cl
Tue Feb 15 21:41:49 UTC 2005

Only for the developers

We are glad to announce that "NIC Chile", .CL registry, is currently using  
NSD on 2 of 4 own nameservers. One is a Linux Machine and the other one is  

We have been using NSD for about a year, with excelent results.

And considering the fact that ns3.nic.fr is using NSD too (thanks  
Stephane), a third of our nameservers run a software different from BIND.

Congratulations for your work, guys.
Sebastian E. Castro Avila             sebastian at nic.cl
Administrador de DNS, NIC Chile
Fono: (2) 9407705                  Fax  : (2) 9407701

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