Zone redirecting...bug or noob?

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Wed Feb 25 09:27:51 UTC 2004

David Coursey wrote:
> What is the *proper* way to do forwarding?   I have about 80 zones, but
> 70 of them forward to other zones.  Like  and
>    First I had it set up in the nsd.zones file so
> that both zones point to the same db file, but that caused a problem.
> On my secondary server, I am using named-xfer to do the zone transfers.
> When I set up more than one of the zones to point to the same db file,
> the secondary server wasn't able to update its zones.  It would check
> the serial, determine what needed to be updated, download the data, and
> error on the rebuild.  I checked for errors and couldn't find any.  So I
> copied the file straight from the primary to the secondary and did a
> rebuild.  That worked flawlessly.  So something in the named-xfer messed
> everything up.  It only errors for the zones that share a db.

I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but I think you mean you have an 
NSD zone configuration file with something like this:


And in the "" file you avoid using absolute domain 
names so the correct origin gets appended automatically.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work with an AXFR.  When doing an AXFR, the 
absolute domain names are always specified.  In this case you will start 
getting errors about out-of-zone data on the secondaries.  So on the 
secondaries you should specify something like:


in your zone configuration file.

I hope this makes sense...


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