NSD 2.0.2 on FreeBSD Ports

Peter Hessler phessler at theapt.org
Fri Apr 23 17:59:19 UTC 2004

Its not in there yet.  I believe there is a ports freeze for 4.10, but once
that is lifted, bug the mantainer about updating.

If you can't wait that long:
edit the Makefile, bump the version number.
run `make fetch && make makesum`
then build and install the port as normal.

(The last time I updated nsd on freebsd, I didn't have to patch anything.)

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:01:17 -0400
Sebastian Castro <secastro at nic.cl> wrote:

:Hi all:
:I'm currently using NSD 1.2.4 on a FreeBSD host to serve a big domain.
:I've been looking for new versions of NSD (particularly NSD 2.0.2) on
:FreeBSD Ports but I haven't found it.
:Who should add this new version to Ports? Can I make something to
:include it?
:I don't have enough experience with FreeBSD and I feel a little bit
:Best Regards
:Sebastian E. Castro Avila             sebastian at nic.cl
:Administrador de DNS, NIC Chile

Power corrupts.  And atomic power corrupts atomically.

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