NSD 2.0.2 on FreeBSD Ports

Sebastian Castro secastro at nic.cl
Fri Apr 23 17:01:17 UTC 2004

Hi all:

I'm currently using NSD 1.2.4 on a FreeBSD host to serve a big domain.

I've been looking for new versions of NSD (particularly NSD 2.0.2) on
FreeBSD Ports but I haven't found it.

Who should add this new version to Ports? Can I make something to
include it?

I don't have enough experience with FreeBSD and I feel a little bit

Best Regards
Sebastian E. Castro Avila             sebastian at nic.cl
Administrador de DNS, NIC Chile

Agustinas 1357 Piso 4  
Santiago, Chile Cod. Postal 6500587                   
Phone: +56-2-9407705                  Fax  : +56-2-9407701 

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