ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.3.0 alpha 1

Alexis Yushin alexis at
Wed Sep 17 10:28:51 UTC 2003


Just a minor remark: with the code change that took place in this release I'd
strongly recommend calling it 2.x.x


Once Erik Rozendaal wrote:
>This release is an alpha release.  There are some major changes in the name 
>resolution algorithm, there is a new version of the zone compiler (not 
>finished yet), and there are some internal changes.  See the release notes 
>below for more information.
>If you decide to try this release we would appreciate it if you try to 
>compiler your zones with both the old (zonec) and new (zonec2) compilers. 
>They should produce exactly the same database file, except in cases where 
>one of the compilers does not support certain RRs or character escapes.  If 
>they do not produce the same files we'd like to hear about it.
>Please read the README document for configuration and installation
>You can download NSD from

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