ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.3.0 alpha 1

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Wed Sep 17 10:26:01 UTC 2003

This release is an alpha release.  There are some major changes in the name 
resolution algorithm, there is a new version of the zone compiler (not 
finished yet), and there are some internal changes.  See the release notes 
below for more information.

If you decide to try this release we would appreciate it if you try to 
compiler your zones with both the old (zonec) and new (zonec2) compilers. 
They should produce exactly the same database file, except in cases where 
one of the compilers does not support certain RRs or character escapes.  If 
they do not produce the same files we'd like to hear about it.

Please read the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from

         - New name lookup algorithm.  This required a change to the
           database format.  Performance should increase at the expense
           of database size and memory usage.
         - New zone compiler (zonec2) based on flex and yacc, fully RFC
           compliant (still in alpha).

         - Database can be loaded using mmap(2) (use the --enable-mmap
           configure option to enable).  This is useful on operating
           systems such as Solaris that do not allow memory overcommit.
         - Region based memory allocation and resource management.
         - New internal format for storing domain names.  Each dname
           now includes an array of label offsets within the domain
         - Updates to the plugin API.

         - Bug #65: The syslog facility is now a compile time option
           (--with-facility=FACILITY).  The default facility is DAEMON.
         - Bug #66: Automatic periodic dumping of the statistics (using
           the -s option) is now continued after a database reload.

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